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Current and Potential Difference

Learning Objectives:

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Key Conecpts:

In this unit students will increase their abilities to:

  • Interpret information about electric circuits from schematic diagrams.
  • Demonstrate an ability to develop and manipulate a variety of relationships when solving problems.
  • Apply an understanding of concepts dealing with electricity to common experiences and practical applications.
  • Recognize the importance of safety when working with electrical equipment.
  • Perform a variety of activities to investigate electricity.
  • Determine ways in which electrical energy can be conserved.
  • Consider some of the implications of increased energy demands in the future.
  • Use inductive and deductive reasoning when solving problems in physics.
  • Understand and use the vocabulary, structures and forms of expression which characterize physics. (COM)
  • Understand the uses and abuses of mathematical concepts in everyday life. (NUM)
  • Promote both intuitive, imaginative thought and the ability to evaluate ideas, processes, experiences and objects in physics in meaningful contexts. (CCT)
  • Appreciate the value and limitations of technology within society. (TL)
  • Meet their own learning needs. (IL)
  • Treat themselves and others with respect. (PSVS)


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