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Series Circuit - Online III.2.1

Series Circuit Questions This lamp is used in residential or commercial wiring - it is actually connected in parallel.
Using the circuit below answer the following questions:
  1. How would the brightness of the bulb(s) in the circuit change as bulbs of the same resistance are added?
  2. If one bulb (1 ohm) is in the circuit and the switch is open what is the voltage drop across the lamp?
  3. What happens to the amount of current when two more 1 resistors are added?
  4. Which produces more total light (in watts) - three 1 lamps or thee 3 lamps? Why?
  5. If the switch is closed with the 1 lamp in series what is the voltage drop across the switch? What is the voltage drop across the lamp? Draw a schematic diagram illustrating the voltage rise(s) and the voltage drop(s) (if you are not sure which end of the battery in the circuit is + or - look for a battery around your house to determine polarity.
  6. As another 1 lamp is added what happens to the voltage drop?
  7. Add 1 , 2 , and 3 lamps to the circuit. Explain how Kirchoff's voltage law applies to this circuit.
  8. Does the battery or voltage supply "see" three lamps connected in the circuit? What is the total resistance and current of the circuit in question #7?
  9. In the circuit in question #7 which bulb glows brighter? Why?
  10. How would the brightness of the light bulbs change if you increase the number of the bulbs with the same resistance? Would the bulb in an one-bulb circuit glow brighter than the bulbs in a three-bulb circuit, or the number of bulb wouldn't affect the brightness of the bulb? Why?
  11. Compare the voltage drops of three 1 lamps to three 3 lamps. Explain your results.

Instructions: Click and drag the lamps or wire into the three black regions or where the 1 lamps are located. By clicking on the switch you can close the circuit. By clicking on the three buttons on the left you can view the measurements above the lamps.

series circuit simulation

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