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Main Kinematics & Dynamics Acceleration Lesson I.5.1 Unit I:Kinematics & Dynamics

Using Graphs to Determine Velocity - Lesson I.5.1

Key Terms:

average acceleration | instantaneous acceleration | constant acceleration | IL, NUM, CCT

Average acceleration,Average Acceleration , is the rate of change of an object's velocity per unit time. It is a vector quantity with units

  • If an object is speeding up it experiences a positive acceleration.
  • If an object is slowing down it experiences negative acceleration or deceleration.
  • If an object is traveling at a constant velocity it has an acceleration of zero.

We have just discussed average acceleration; however, it is also important to understand instantaneous and constant acceleration.

Instantaneous acceleration is the acceleration of an object at a specific time.

Constant acceleration occurs when the object's velocity changes by equal amounts in equal periods of time. It is an example of uniform motion.


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