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Motion with Constant Acceleration


Click on the "Java Cup" below to view this applet. This Java applet shows a car moving with constant acceleration. The green control panel contains text fields where you can vary the values of initial position, initital velocity and acceleration (don't forget to press the "Enter" key!). By using the buttons at the top right you can bring back the car to its initial position or stop and resume the simulation. If you choose the option "Slow motion", the movement will be ten times slower. Three digital clocks indicate the time elapsed since the start. As soon as the car has reached the green respectively red light barrier with its front bumper, the corresponding clock will stop. Both light barriers are adjustable by dragging the mouse with pressed mouse button. Three diagrams illustrate the motion of the vehicle:

  • Position x versus time t
  • Velocity v versus time t
  • Acceleration a versus time t
      Physics Java Applet







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