Main Kinematics & Dynamics Distance & Displacement Questions I.3.1 Unit I:Kinematics & Dynamics

Distance and Displacement - Questions I.3.1

Part I. Find the following displacements :

A. Line Graph 1
Line Graph 2
B. Line Graph 3
Line Graph 4

Part II. Explain:

  1. How is direction represented?
  2. Are origin and displacement related?
  3. If an off-road vehicle traveled 10.6 km [N 13W], changed direction to [S 29W] for 8.8 km and then traveled 13.7 km [W], calculate:
    1. the total distance traveled
    2. the resultant displacement of the vehicle
    3. the vehicle's final position

  4. Using the following information construct a position versus time graph.
    Time, t (s) Position, d (m) relative
    to the starting point
    0 0
    5.0 10.0
    10.0 20.0
    15.0 20.0
    20.0 25.0
    25.0 45.0

    1. Describe the motion of the object during each section of the graph.
    2. What is the objects displacement from t=5.0 s to t=20.0 s?
    3. During which part of the trip is the object's speed the fastest? Explain your reasoning.








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