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Work - Questions II.1.1

Work Problems   Include units when entering answers. Ex: for Joules use J.

1. Determine the amount of work done in each of the following.
Angle to Horiz-
Force Applied Horiz-
ontal Distance
Work Done
180 7.5 x 103 N 200 m
10^5 = 105
32 1.4 x 104 N 112 m
75 8.6 x 103 N 89 m
97 3.5 x 104 N 153 m
90 9.5 x 103 N 178 m

2. Which are vectors and which are scalars? Click V for vector quantity, S for scalar quantity.

distance S
energy S
displacement S
force S
position S
speed S
time S
mass S
work S
velocity S
3. A 50.0 N object was lifted at a constant velocity from the floor to a height of 2.0 m. How much work was done on the object?    

4. A 200 N box was held 3.0 m above the floor for 15 min. How much work was done on the box?     

5. Calculate the work done by a 1.5 N force pushing a 350 g donut across a 1.2 m wide table.    

6. A 12.0 N object was moved horizontally 8.0 m across a level floor using a horizontal force of 8.0 N. How much work was done on the object?    

7. A 80.0 N wagon was pulled 20.0 m along a level surface by its handle. If the handle makes an angle of 15 with the road, and the force exerted is 60.0 N, how much work was done on the box?    

8. A 50.0 kg dancer runs at a constant velocity up a flight of stairs. If the vertical distance of the stairs is 5.6 m, what is the work done against gravity?    

9. A 95 kg box is pushed at a constant velocity along a frictionless incline. How much work is done on the box when moving it from the bottom to the top of the incline if the vertical height of the incline is 12.0 m?    

10. A girl on a scooter drags a wagon full of magazines at 0.9 m/s for 15 min using a force of 30 N. How much work has the girl done?    

11. Given the following graph of an object moving along a level surface for 20.0 m, determine the work done on the object.    

12. Using the graph below, determine the work done on an object if it was pulled along a level surface for 9.0 m.    

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