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CANDU - Canadian Deuterium Uranium Reactor - Lesson IV.3.1

Key Terms:

Coolant | Calandria | CANDU reactor |Fuel bundles | Heavy water | Nuclear Fuel Cycle | Tailings |Deuterium | Condensers | IL, NUM, CCT

Mining Safety Meltdown AECL Control Rods Condensers Coolant Moderator Calandria Fuel

The use of nuclear energy is still controversial.

  • The storage of used fuel is an issue.
  • Plutonium is often a waste material that is known to cause cancer and is used to make nuclear weapons.
  • Fresh water circulates through the condensers and is returned to its source causing a rise in temperature. This increase in temperature creates environmental stress.
  • Nuclear accidents do happen and citizens are concerned about the effects of a meltdown.
Whether you are for or against nuclear energy, you are encouraged to use energy wisely so that existing resources will last longer and less damage to the environment will occur.


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