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Fission - Questions IV.2.1

Include units when entering answers. Ex: for Watts use W or meters per second use m/s. If you enter in a decimal place a '0' to the left of the decimal: Ex: '0.98', not '.98'. If you enter a number written in scientific notation such as 5.2 x 1013 J - enter in the blank 5.2 x 10 E 13 J - it does not matter if you capitolize the letters or put spaces in the answers. All answers should be expressed with one decimal.

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1. If 50 g was the loss in mass as a result of a fissionable reaction, how much energy was released?    
A 3.2 kg loss?    
A 112 g loss?    
2. If the following quantity of energy was released during fission, determine the loss in mass that would result.
a) 3.6 x 1012 J
b) 8.5 x 1014 J
c) 2.9 x 1017 J
3. Three hundred and fifty atoms of uranium - 235 split. If 2.9 x 10-8 J of energy is released from each atom when fission occurs, what nuclear mass was converted into energy?
4. If the loss in mass during a fission reaction was 0.20 g, how much energy will have been produced?    
5. How much energy will have been produced if the loss in mass during a fission reaction was 0.026 g?


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